Monday, 6 October 2014

Working with cardboard

There many ways to join pieces of cardboard together such as the Makedo system mentioned below to tape and glue, even simpler is to make slots and tabs, which if done carefully can be used to make strong and stable structures. In the image of the chair you can see how the cardboard is slotted together and forms a chair. This could be easily adapted to form a shelter and with experimentation all sorts of interesting structures can be made.

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On the Instructables website is a project that uses cardboard and different ways to join it together, again it is about making furniture but it is easy to adapt for making buildings and shelters as the basic construction methods are the same.

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Another way to join the cardboard is to make joining elements from cardboard, for inspiration look at construction kits and toys and see how the pieces join together and then make your own versions using cardboard. The pieces below have been made using a laser cutter, but simpler versions could be made with scissors and cardboard.

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