Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Joining Cardboard Part 100

Another in the series of how to join cardboard together, this time it is simply cutting slots in cardboard sheets and then using them like a construction kit. The example I am testing is based on Charles and Ray Eames card construction game, which is like a pack of playing cards, but each card has six slots in it. These can then be joined to make all sorts of constructions. I have made template and testing out different sizes to see which works best, but they are easy to make and great for experimenting and exploring different forms for houses and shelters.

Click here for an example of how to make the construction cards, it is fairly easy to follow and once you make yourself a template you can make lots of cards. There are also examples, if you search for cardboard construction cards, using different numbers of slots, different angles and shapes of card, which means you can son develop your own system to explore building structures.

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